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Library items

YHMD 2016 Kits
NYCH report, States of Neglect: An analysis of child protection legislation and the link with child and youth homelessness

Report written and prepared by Taryn Champion Policy Officer, Youth Accommodation Association NSW
Edited by NYCH Council Delegates, Leisa Gibson and Mel Rosman

NYCH/CHFA report: Improving disadvantaged single young people's access to community housing

This Project, co-authored by CHFA and the National Youth Coalition for Housing (NYCH) examines the feasibility of community housing as an option for young people between the ages of 16 and 21 years in response to the difficulties experienced by this population group in accessing appropriate longer term housing options. 

NYCH report, Accommodating Young People with Mental Health Issues
Shutting the door in their faces: barriers to housing experienced by young people, prepared for the National Youth Coalition for housing (NYCH) by Rodney Fopp
Your dream our nightmare: national youth housing policy, written by Prue Walker and Sarah MacLean
Housing rights or homeless nights: response to Surviving not thriving: the National Youth Housing Strategy Discussion Paper
Towards SAAP III : a national youth housing field perspective (with responses to recommendations of the Report of the National Evaluation of SAAP - moving forward)
Living, learning and working: the experiences of young people in rural and remote communities in Australia, written by Suzi Quixley
Housing Rights or Homeless Nights

The National Youth Coalition for Housing organised it’s fourth national conference in Melbourne from the 10th -13th October 1991.  The conference title was Housing Rights or Homeless Nights and this report provides a synopsis of the keynote speakers, workshops and plenary session.  The report also provides a summary and some conclusions from the conference.

Shelter or the streets: housing information handbook
The Supported Accommodation Assistance Program: national policy, written by Monika Wolf
Do you come here often? : Another report on young women and supported housing
Big problem - no action: a report on housing needs of aboriginal young people
A report of the 3rd National Youth Housing Conference held in Adelaide on February 18-21, prepared by Penny Carr for the National Youth Coalition for Housing
What are nice girls like you doing in a place like this? : a report on young women's access to youth housing, NYCH, Written by Kelly Gardiner and Michelle O'Neil
Singles access to assistance under the 1984 commonwealth-state housing agreement
Young women and housing: a response to the crisis accommodation review and Commonwealth State Housing Agreement negotiations, prepared by Margie Kaye and Deb Welch with assistance from Quentin Buckle