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Take action

Like, Share, Act! on Social Media

Take action by joining the Youth Homelessness Matters Day Campaign and Like, Share and Act!

  1. Like. Give us a thumbs up on Facebook and have young peopleís stories as well as campaign updates and countdown delivered right to your newsfeed. Follow the hashtag #YHMD2018 on twitter and keep posted on events organised throughout Australia. & #YHMD2018 on twitter
  2. Share. Break stereotypes that are associated with youth homelessness by sharing stories, statistics and information on social media and with your network. & #YHMD2018 on twitter
  3. Act. Host an event and help us raise awareness about youth homelessness. Write to your local MP about the importance of this issue. Contact your local newspaper and let them know what's happening in your area.

Take your #YHMD2018 social media skills to the next level!

 Here are some helpful tips for creating your own social media posts:

  • Include the hashtag #YHMD2018 in your post so that others can see your contribution to the campaign. Remember to make your post or profile settings public so that your post is not hidden!
  • Include a meme, picture or video in your post because these help to engage people with your message rather than just having words. Make sure that anything you post you are allowed to use or share.
  • Think about what mood you are trying to create with your social media post and use words, pictures and videos to reflect this. For example, if you want to create an inspiring post you might want to find a positive article or story about youth homelessness and say why you find it inspiring.
  • Think about who will be seeing your post and what they will respond to on social media. Some people may prefer posts that don’t have a lot of words while others might want a link to more information.  You might create a few posts that target different audiences and age groups.
  • Try to target your post so that it contains at least one of the three ‘E’s. Sometimes a post may have two or even three of these elements!
    • Engaging (it is a post that makes people want to talk or comment)
    • Educational (it is a post that can teach people something)
    • Entertaining (it is a post that makes people laugh or be interested)

You can also look at other posts that have been created to get some inspiration by searching for the hashtag #YHMD2018 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Here is a YHMD video that you can share. "What would you miss if you became homeless"?

Take action in the workplace

Take action in the workplace by encouraging your colleagues and organisation to support YHMD.

  • Become an ambassador and join organisations around the country who are taking a stand. Start by sharing your details with us so that we can acknowledge your contribution and by signing up to our Thunderclap campaign.
  • Support the #YHMD2018 by hosting an event to raise awareness about youth homelessness among your colleagues and networks.
  • Sponsor the campaign with in-kind or monetary support. Start the conversation by emailing

Homelessness is everyone's business

Everyone in the community can take action and be part of the cause to end homelessness. You can make a difference at a national, state and local level. How?

  • Contact your State or Territory delegate to find a youth homelessness service in your area that you volunteer with, donate to or become a supporter.
  • Contact your local member of parliament to let them know you are concerned about youth homelessness and ask about their plan to prevent young people experiencing homelessness.
  • Have a conversation with your friends and family about youth homelessness so that more people in our community are aware and can encourage young people to seek support.

Why take action?

On any night in Australia 28,000 young people aged 12 to 24 are experiencing homelessness.

Youth Homelessness Matters Day is the one day of the year you can be involved in ending youth homelessness. Youth Homelessness Matters Day attempts to bring the issues regarding youth homelessness into the public arena as well as providing ways for the general public to become involved.

The aims of YHMD are to:

  • Raise public awareness about youth homelessness and the factors that cause it. Most people have an image of homelessness as being about older people sleeping rough on the streets. Youth homelessness is everyone’s business.
  • Celebrate the resilience of young people to convey a message that young people experiencing homelessness are homeless, but not helpless! YHMD aims to communicate that with good support and accommodation young people can move forward and live their lives productively.
  • Provide opportunities for wider public support for the ‘cause’. This encourages a wider responsibility for the issue of youth homelessness and aims to build sponsorship capacity for the sector.
  • Maintain and better position the profile of youth homelessness as a priority issue on the National and State policy and political agenda.
  • Contribute to the work of ending youth homelessness in Australia.

Join us to find out more about how you can get involved.