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Make change in less than a day

  • Tell someone you know about the campaign, whether it's over coffee, while looking through your newsfeed or talking to the family at dinner. Just be informing someone else about youth homelessness, you could help someone to identify a young person in crisis faster than they would have otherwise.
  • Read the story of a young person who is part of the campaign. Find out about how they became homeless, what the experience was like and where they are now.
  • Find an event near you. Even if you can't attend, maybe someone else can. 
  • Registered for a great sporting challenge? Take advantage of the opportunity to support YHMD at the same time! You might have a discussion about why youth homelessness is an important issue to you or start some fundraising.
  • Do you work for a business that offers employees 'volunteer days'? Take a day out of the office and connect with a service that supports young people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness in your area. Tell them you're availability, what your strengths are and that you're willing to help out. If anything, it will make for a good conversation when you're asked what you did at work that day.