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Young women

There are some housing issues which are specific to young women.

Many young women are forced to leave home prematurely due to rape, sexual assault and incest within the family home.

The lack of appropriate support and/or affordable housing options for these young women after they have left home can have a devastating effect on their lives, leading to cycles of poverty perhaps unfamiliar to them before fleeing the family home.

Young women's homelessness is often more hidden than that of young men: young women are considered more likely to stay in unsafe environments or continue in violent relationships to maintain housing.

If young women escape violent relationships they often experience difficulty in gaining access to public or private rental housing due to damage or rent arrears, or other debts to the State Housing Authority (eg Bond Loan debt) accrued by their partner.

Young women who are survivors of abuse and sexual violence need to regain a sense of control over their lives. Services for young women must provide a safe, secure environment with maximum possible control over their choices, and should be staffed and managed by women.

Training should be provided throughout the housing sector to ensure that new and existing services are made accessible and appropriate to young women